This full line of fiberglass insulating products for commercial & industrial systems saves energy and enhances thermal performance of mechanical, power & process systems operating at temperatures up to 1200 F (649 C).

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Closed-cell elastomeric foam insulation is fiber-free, prevents condensation, and resists mold without the need for a separate, fragile vapor retarder. It offers long-term durability, protection, and reliable performance, providing peace of mind.

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Foamglass Pipe and Fittings


FOAMGLAS® insulation is a lightweight and rigid material comprised of millions of completely sealed glass cells. Its all-glass, closed-cell structure offers numerous advantages, including zero water vapor permeability and moisture resistance.

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Trymer Pir

Rigid Foam Insulation

Rigid foam insulation is very effective in buildings with space limitations and where higher R-values are needed. Foam insulation R-values range from R-4 to R-6.5 per inch of thickness (2.54 cm), which is up to 2 times greater than most other insulating materials.

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Calcium Silicate

Calcium Silicate Insulation is made of hydrous calcium silicate. It is a white, asbestos free, rigid insulation product, which is used for insulation up to 1200°F. It is a molded, high-temperature pipe and block insulation with superior durability.

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Mineral Wool

Mineral wool insulation provides superior fire protection and life-safety in the commercial & industrial construction industry through the ability of mineral wool to resist fire and temperatures in excess of 1200°F.

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Sproule WR-1200™ is a molded, high-temperature pipe & block insulation with exceptional corrosion inhibiting properties. Expanded perlite product with a binder of sodium silicate is an excellent corrosion inhibitor.

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Melamine Foam Insulation

Flexible foam manufactured from melamine resin. Meets or exceeds ASTM-E84-25/50 for smoke and flame, high temperature resistance, and low bacterial growth. It serves as a lightweight, non-fibrous alternative.

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Grease Duct and Fire Wrap

Fire-Rated Duct Wrap serves as a passive fire protection insulation applied to ductwork in order to prevent the spread of fire within commercial buildings. It is commonly used on air ventilation ducts as well as commercial kitchen grease ducts.

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PVC Jacketing & Adhesives

PVC jacketing and fittings are crafted from high-impact polyvinyl chloride material, specifically engineered to offer an inherent vapor retarder and provide protection to insulated pipes. They are available in a range of colors, with standard thicknesses and widths.

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Metal Jacketing & Accessories

Atlantech supplies a wide range of metal sheet, jacketing, fittings, and accessories that are critical to protecting insulation systems. Aluminum, stainless steel, coated steel, aluminized steel, galvanized steel, and zinc galvanized steel are all used.

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Marinite & Cement Board

Marinite® encompasses a range of non-asbestos calcium silicate structural insulations that offer a combination of high strength and exceptional thermal insulating properties.

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High Temperature Cloth & Tapes

Atlantech offers a wide range of heat resistant fabrics and tapes for demanding high heat applications to reduce the risk of fire and heat, protect personnel and equipment, and lower energy consumption.

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Adhesives Mastic, Coating & Sealants

Atlantech offers a variety of Adhesives, Mastics, Coating and Sealants for Insulation projects. We feature top brands like Foster, Childers, and Marathon, all leaders in the industry.

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Custom Insulation Fabrication

Atlantech can fabricate insulation parts to meet any of your thermal or acoustical insulation needs. Parts can be fabricated from any of our many insulation products including fiberglass, mineral wool, calcium silicate, perlite, Foamglas®, and Marinite®.

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Fiberglass Needled Mat

Removable Insulation Jacket Materials

Insulation blankets are used for equipment that needs insulation but also needs periodic maintenance. Our removable and reusable insulation blankets are designed to save you time and eliminate the inconvenience of removing and reinstalling.

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Self Regulating Cable

Heat Trace

We offer comprehensive heat trace solutions, including electric heating cables, power connection kits, control panels, and temperature sensors, to ensure efficient temperature maintenance and prevent freezing in pipes, tanks, and equipment across various industries.

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Waterproof Cladding

Our waterproof cladding system offers a durable and efficient solution for safeguarding buildings against moisture, providing a variety of waterproof cladding materials and installation methods that effectively protect structures from water infiltration.

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Atlantech provides a diverse selection of plain foil and reinforced insulation tapes and jacketing to fulfill the requirements of the insulation industry. ASJ and FSK tapes are specifically designed for sealing seams and joints in duct and pipe insulation systems.

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Insulation Tools & Accessories

A wide range of tools and accessories from top manufacturers for specialty and everyday applications.

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